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#1. Yeast artificial chromosome (YAC) vectors contain selectable markers. Loss of which marker at the cloning site distinguishes the re-ligated YACs from the original vector marker?

#2. Routinely used glucose biosensor estimates blood glucose level by sensing the concentration of

#3. Bacteria often acquire genes by the process of lateral or horizontal transfer. Such foreign genes, if acquired in recent past, may be identified by their atypical GC content, as compared to native genes. Suppose the genomic GC content of a bacterium is 40%. Gene A of this organism contains 1000 bases with 225 G and 215 C. Another gene B of length 800 bases contains 160 G and 140 C. Which one of the following would be the most acceptable hypothesis (given that x2 = 3.841 at 0.05 significance level)?

#4. A transposon carrying a promoterless β-galactosidase (lac Z) was used to create insertional mutation in the vir region of Ti-plasmid of Agrobacterium tumefaciens. All the mutants in which lac Z fusion was in frame were divided into the following three groups: A. The virulence of the bacteria was completely lost and the lac Z was induced by acetosyringone. B. The virulence of the bacteria was reduced and the lac Z was induced by acetosyringone. C. The virulence of the bacteria was completely lost and lac Z was not induced by acetosyringone. Which of the following assumptions are valid about these mutants?

#5. A researcher has isolated a restriction endonuclease that cleaves at only one specific 10 base pair site. P. Would this enzyme be useful in protecting cells from viral infections, given that a typical viral genome is 5 × 104 base pairs long? Q. Restriction endonucleases are slow enzymes with turnover number of 1s–1. Suppose the isolated endonuclease was faster with turnover numbers similar to those for carbonic anhydrase (106 s–1), would this increased rate be beneficial to host cells, assuming that the fast enzymes have similar levels of specificity? The correct combination of answer is

#6. You are studying the binding of proteins to the cytoplasmic face of cultured liver cells and have found a method that gives a good yield of inside-out vesicles from the plasma membrane. Unfortunately, your preparations are contaminated with variable amounts of right-side-out vesicles. Nothing you have tried avoids this contamination. Somebody suggests that you pass the vesicles over an affinity column made of lectin coupled to Sepharose beads. What is the rational of this suggestion?

#7. ELISA assay uses

#8. Industrial products in which bacteria are employed for production are shown in the following table: I–List of products II–Microorganism P. 2,3-Butanediol, Q. Dextran, R. Glutamic acid, S. Cobalamin 1. Leuconostoc 2. Brevibacterium 3. Bacillus polymyxa 4. Propionibacterium The correct combination is

#9. Which of the following methods of plant transformation can be used to introduce a gene into chloroplast genome?

#10. The μ and σ of wing length (a normally distributed parameter) in a population of fruit-flies are 4 and 0.2 mm, respectively. In a random sample of 400 fruit-flies, how many individuals are expected to have wing lengths greater than 4.4 mm?



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