Experiences Speak

“Experience is the only teacher we have. We may talk and reason all our lives, but we shall not understand a word of truth until we experience it ourselves”

-Swami Vivekananda

Failure and success go hand in hand in a researcher’s life. At times, success motivates and failure disappoints the researchers. Nevertheless, the bottom line is, researchers get to learn from each of the aforesaid outcomes in their lives. The experiences spawned out of scientific pursuits are precious and worth sharing. Your experiences could be instrumental in someone else’s success. Then why to limit the valuable experiences to self only…! We, the team LABMONK are happy to provide a platform to express and share your scientific journey, the hurdles and the accomplishments. The budding researchers would gain knowledge from your narratives. They will certainly get to perceive different perspectives of researches happening around them. It will help them to understand the complex issues associated with various research techniques, their advantages and shortfalls. Moreover, this portal will serve as hub of communication for researchers around the world to discuss and sort out issues they might have been experiencing in their quests. We anticipate that, this portal will catalyze research community to come together for the betterment and proliferation of scientific thinking around the world.

Please come forward and use the following windows to pen down your “Experiences”.

Happy sharing…

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Dentey John

We realized refrigeration could alter the pH of Murashige and skoog medium, hence causing the medium to remain in the solution state instead of solidifying

Gaurav Shankar

I waited a year to get the same sample which I lost during my study. I learnt that always get cherished with what you got and even with failures.

Monalisa Mahapatra

From collection of microorganisms to identification and purification, every step of the project gave me so many lesson and finally ideas to plan further studies

Nasima Ahmed

How patience plays a vital role in each step of experiment, learned it when I was carrying out my research for my Post Graduation


Pandurang Kamath

Solvent selection taught me to have patience, work hard and make the research successful


Rasmita Jena

Working with enzyme purification by utilizing isolation and characterisation made me enough skilled to deal with one of the world’s best invention, ‘‘microorganism”


1- Do your lab work passionately with fun & discipline.
2- The memories you spent with your lab parteners & friends will always be there.


I learned to have curiosity and patience at the same time when doing experiments. That’s applicable to life also.

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