Pharmaceutical Engineering

Equilibrium Moisture Content

Equilibrium moisture content (EMC) is the amount of water present in the solid, which exerts a vapour pressure equal to the vapour pressure of atmospheres surrounding it.

Mixing of soluble Solids in Liquids

Mixing devices are technically called an impeller. Impellers are classified on the basis of the sample and pitch of the blades that are attached to the central shaft.

Particle Size Distribution of a powder- Sieving Method

Sieving method directly gives weight distribution analysis. From the data dsieve can be calculated. Sieve diameter is defined as the diameter of a sphere that passes through the sieve aperture as the asymmetric particle.

Radiation constant of metal cylinder

As the metal cylinder is freely suspended without any contact with the metal the heat loss through conduction is minimum. For this reason, the metal cylinder is placed on a glass tripod stand. Thus heat loss by radiation is highlighted

Size reduction of material using ball mill

The ball mill works on the principle of impact between the rapidly moving balls and the materials .Both the balls and the sample are enclosed in a hollow cylinder. At low speeds the ball rolled over each other and attrition takes place

Effect of Process Related Factors on Filtration Rate

Filtration may be defined as a process of separation of solids from a fluid by passing the same through a porous medium that retains the solids, but allows the fluid to pass through.

Crystallization by shock cooling

Crystallization is the spontaneous arrangement of the particles into a repetitive orderly array,i.e., regular geometric pattern. Crystals are commonly obtained from liquid state.