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#1. In India, brown antlered deer (sangai) is found only in the floating landmasses of

#2. Gause’s Competitive exclusion principle states that two species with identical niches cannot coexist indefinitely. Which of the following statements is the most appropriate regarding the validity of the principle?

#3. Assume a new subspecies Ficus callosa subsp. microcarpa has been published by Jacobs. The nomenclature of the resulting entities would be

#4. In a lake ecosystem, bottom-up effects (B) refer to control of a lower trophic level by the higher trophic levels and top-down effects (T) refer to the opposite. In a lake with three trophic levels-Phytoplankton (P), Zooplankton (Z) and primary Carnivore (C),

#5. Two new plant species, A and B, were described in 1872. Subsequently it was found that the type of species A was never designated and for species B there was one specimen designated as type but missing. As per International Code of Botanical Nomenclature (ICBN), typification should be

#6. Which of the following is a characteristic of an early seral community?

#7. Recent studies on Archaea suggest that life could have originated

#8. An organism has the following architectural pattern: 1. Multicellular with germ layers. 2. A coelom derived from the mesoderm. 3. Primary bilateral symmetry with secondary radial symmetry. 4. Presence of endoskeletal plates. Such an organism is most likely to P. have mesophyll as its connective tissue. Q. undergo torsion, whereby the mouth and anus are properly oriented. R. be devoid of a brain but have calcareous spicules. S. have comb plates to help in locomotion. Which of the following is/are true?

#9. According to MacArthur and Wilson’s equilibrium theory, which of the following is true?

#10. Primary production in aquatic ecosystem is measured using Light-and-Dark-Bottle technique. In this method, as an indirect measure of photosynthetic production, dissolved oxygen concentration of the pond water enclosed in a BOD bottle is measured initially (I) and after a fixed duration of incubation in a light bottle (L) and a dark bottle (D). Then, the gross and net primary production are estimated as



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