Mechanics of Solid

Strain Measurement Using Strain Gauge

A Strain Gauge is a form of the transducer which can convert applied force, pressure, tension into a change in electrical resistance which can be displayed on the screen.

Stress Measurement Using Strain Rosette

A strain rosette is a combination of three independent strain gauges which are connected in perpendicular axes direction. These gauges are attaches in any three directions to measure the shear strain.

Load Measurement Using Load Indicator and Load Cells.

A load cell is such a transducer that can convert the applied force into an electrical signal, and its magnitude is directly proportional to the other one. Hydraulic, Pneumatic, piezoelectric and strain gauge are the various types of the load cell in which the most important is a strain gauge.

Determination of Rigidity Modulus of Material

The Modulus of Rigidity of a material is the relation between shear stress and shear strain of a particular substance and defined as the ratio of shear stress to displacement

Determination of Impact Strength of Material (Charpy and Izod)

The impact is defined as the impedance of material to rapidly applied loads. An Impact test is a dynamic test in which a selected specimen which is usually notched in struck and broken by a single bow in a specially designed machine

Double Shear Test in Universal Testing Machine

Shear stress is defined as the shear force which acts on a particular area and it is responsible for causing a deformation of material through motion along the plane or a no. of planes operating parallel to the applied stress