5 myths about life science careers debunked

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A career in life science includes huge opportunities for those who love biology, genetics, chemistry, and other such sectors. But many myths surround life science careers, creating several misconceptions and misunderstandings.

In this article, five common myths about life science careers have been debunked. By putting light on those misunderstandings, you will get a perfect understanding of the varied and vibrant nature of various professions in life science. Whether you are looking to make a career in life science or you are simply probing about this sector, go through this article to find out some truth about those myths and get a clear idea of all possibilities that await you in the empire of life science careers.

5 myths about life science careers

Myth 1: A career in life science means working only in a laboratory

One of the most common misconceptions about life science careers is that they only involve working in a lab setting. Even though lab work is an important aspect of several life science professionals, several other careers are available. A professional in life science also gets opportunities in sectors like healthcare, biotechnology, science communication and many more things.

A career in life science mainly involves varied responsibilities like research, project management, regulatory affairs, data analysis, clinical trials, public outreach, and many more things.

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