To Study the Cultural Characteristics of Microorganisms

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Study of cultural characteristics of microorganism is done with a purpose to distinguish different microorganisms into various taxonomic groups. So the objective of this experiment is to understand different characteristics of microorganisms and to classify them into various groups basing on their characteristics.

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  • Agar plates containing culture
  • Agar slants containing culture
  • Broth culture


Agar plates characterization of microorganism

Observe the culture for colour, opacity, configuration, margin and elevation.

Agar slants characterization

Cultures are examined for

Amount of growth: nil, less, moderate and profusely1

Pigmentation: Pigmentation within the organism and pigment that diffuses into the nearby medium.

Opacity: Opaque, transparent and translucent depending upon the amount of growth.

Different forms: Echinilate, beaded, arborescent, rhizoid, effuse, filiform.

Broth culture characterization

Surface: Membranous, flocculent, thinner

Subsurface: Turbid, flaky, granular, flocculent.


The cultural characteristics of microorganisms will helps in differentiating microorganisms on basis of their physical appearances.


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