Quiz 28-October-2023

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#1. During germination of seeds, after imbibition of water first step would be

#2. In aroid plant the temperature of inflorescence rises around 8‐100C as compared to plant during maturation. It is due to activity of

#3. Serum contains

#4. Main function of sweating is

#5. Glucose is never seen in urine because it is mainly absorbed by

#6. In tissue culture experiment to initiated shoots from undifferentiated mass of cell the medium must contain

#7. Which of the metabolite in nitrate assimilation is not located in chloroplast?

#8. Among the following which would be most suitable marker for selection of animals with agronomic traits

#9. If bird is kept is a closed cage such that all external clues are blocked then what would be effect on its biological clock

#10. Rolling of sheet of cell over other cells during gastrulation is termed as



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