Quiz 27-May-2023

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#1. If a rope is tied around the radius ‘R’ of earth if the rope has to be tied 1m above the ground then additional length of rope required would be

#2. The algorithm computes, X =0 N = 0 T=0 For i = 1 to N Sum (X) = x+I STOP

#3. What would be effect of increasing humidity on rate of transpiration?

#4. The region of visible light which is most useful for photosynthesis is

#5. Why the inner planet's surfaces are made up of rocky denser metals, whereas the outer planets are made of mainly light gases which is lesser denser than the outer planets.

#6. A bacterial population become half after one minute, the reduction in population depends on population at time ‘t’, what would the remaining population after 2 min of original population

#7. Maximum evaporation in ocean will occur at

#8. Possible arrangement for character of word ‘MOTHER’ such that vowels remain together

#9. What would be energy released on breaking H‐H covalent bond (generally energy of covalent bond lies in between 100 ‐ 200 Kcal/mol).

#10. A charged particle having mass ‘m’ and charged ‘q’ is moving through constant electric field ‘E’ the time to cover given path will depends on

#11. Which of the following pair is isotones?

#12. If 7g of NaOH is dissolved in 350 ml water the molarity of resultant solution will be

#13. Among the following maximum reflectance (albedo effect) will be observed at

#14. Among the following which salt occurs in human body

#15. Fog, which is commonly observed during winter and causes problem to flight take off mainly seen at

#16. An apple falls from a tree, to hit apple from a bullet gun fired (distance between apple & gun is 100 m both are at height 5m)

#17. The mode of sex determination in human is

#18. Minimum daily variation in temperature will be observed at

#19. Correct algorithms for computing distance (X=u*t) for time 1 to 100 sec. will be (considering constant speed)

#20. Determinants for matrix: A = 2 [1 -i] [+i 1]



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