Quiz 26-October-2023

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#1. Common metabolites in nucleotide biosynthesis from glucose by pentose phosphate pathway is

#2. A protein specially abundant in desiccated seeds and also help in osmotic adjustment

#3. A gene consists of two introns and a 5’ UTR region, the probable number of exon will be.

#4. Which statement is correct regarding functioning of topo‐isomerase?

#5. Which statement is not correct for nerve impulse transmission?

#6. The essential mineral required for cell adhesion protein cadherin is

#7. Heritability due to genetic variance for a trait of importance is 0.2. Which would be most appropriate approach to select trait in next generation in a short time?

#8. Initiation of haematopoiesis occurs at

#9. Which is correct for termination of transcription in eukaryotes?

#10. In an early embryonic transplantation experiment prospective skin cells were transferred near future muscle cell but then also it differentiates into skin cell. The cell would be termed



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