Quiz 19-October-2023

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#1. Generally organism tends to remain in realized niche. Under what condition realized niche can be greater than fundamental niche

#2. Which statement is correct regarding oncogenes

#3. If we want to obtain glycosylated protein from microbe. Suitable choice will be

#4. Which would be suitable for constructing the genomic library of 70 Kb of DNA?

#5. Organ Identity genes are responsible for correct positioning of floral organs on floral meristem. Mutation in them will lead to

#6. Among the following which is not a result of acid rain

#7. In hydra if any part is lost remaining portion repattern itself and give rise to complete organism. Such a pattern of development is termed as

#8. The inbreeding coefficient of offspring on marriage between brother and sister sibling will be

#9. A sample is in normal distribution ranging from (μ‐1σ) to (μ+2σ). The data in range would be

#10. According to survival of fittest concept of natural selection one species out compete other species. Under such condition no two species can co‐exist in same niche but more than one species can live in same niche under condition



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