Quiz 11-November-2023

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#1. Which of the following cannot be used as abrasive?

#2. The correct statement for 0 ≤ x ≤ 1

#3. Which of the following is most electropositive atom?

#4. Sometimes water droplet is seen falling from automobile combustion exhaust pipe. It indicates

#5. Among the following which will be basic in nature

#6. An object is placed 100 cm from a lens of focal length 50 cm. The image is formed at ‘x’ and magnification is ‘m’. The value of x and m will be

#7. Figure drawn from equation y2 = ax will be

#8. Why air is cooler at high altitudes such as mountain than at lowlands

#9. Which of following is a radioactive substance?

#10. A metallic solid sphere is fully charged. The charge on sphere will be



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