Quiz 08-December-2022

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#1. The process by which the formed elements of blood develop is call as hemopoiesis. In the process of hemopoiesis the stem cells are converted into myeloid stem cell and subsequently differentiated and are developed into precursor cells. Match the following precursor cells with the formed elements of blood from which they are formed: - 1. Reticulocyte 2. Megakaryoblast 3. Myeloblast 4. Monoblast (a) Platelets (b) Macrophages (c) Erythrocytes (d) Neutrophils

#2. Which of the following dosage form of digoxin will provide greater bioavailability based on value of F?

#3. In DNA replication the newly added nucleotide is joined to the growing DNA strand by an enzyme.

#4. Which of the following formulations under ASU system are offered infinite period of shelf life in D and C Act?

#5. Which among the following statements on electro analytical methods are correct?

#6. Using Young’s rule, calculate the dose for a 5-year-old child if the adult dose is 340 mg.

#7. Which of the following adverse effects is caused by thioridazine?

#8. The major component of liquid glucose is _______ and is prepared from _______.

#9. Which of the following is an example of hemiesters anionic surfactant for pharmaceutrical emulsions?

#10. The major differences between the prokaryotic and eukaryotic protein synthesis mechanisms are in which part of the process?



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