Quiz 03-December-2022

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#1. In Bismuth subgallate suppositories B.P.C, when no strength of the drug is specified, B.P.C directs bismuth subgallate per suppository.

#2. Match the following drugs with alteration they produce in structural-functional of kidney: 1. Aminoglycoside 2. ACE inhibitors 3. Methotrexate 4. NSAIDs (a) Glomerular antibiotics abnormality (b) Tubular epithelial cell damage (c) Hemodynamic mediated kidney injury (d) Obstructive nephropathy

#3. Which of the following constituents is responsible for colour of shellac?

#4. High lightening differences among brands within the same product category is ______.

#5. Hixon Crowell’s cube root law of dissolution states that ______ .

#6. Hot stage microscopy is an important tool in pre formulation studies for the study of _____.

#7. The largest gene in human is ___________.

#8. A reporting relationship in which an employee receives orders from, and reports to, only one supervisor is known as _________.

#9. All of the following statements regarding estrogen therapy in postmenopausal women are true EXCEPT ______.

#10. Which of the following techniques is not useful to detect polymorphs?



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