Quiz 02-December-2022

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#1. Surface tension is categorized as a/an _______ factor.

#2. Following are the list of various inherited metabolic disorders that can affect functioning of liver: 1. Primary biliary cirrhosis 2. Glycogen storage disease 3. Gilbert’s syndrome 4. Haemochromatosis 5. Wilson’s disease

#3. A patient receiving warfarin develops rheumatoid arthritis. Which one of the following drugs would be contraindicated?

#4. A crude drug powder was heated with ferric chloride, water and concentrated hydrochloric acid followed by extraction with chloroform. The chloroform layer was treated with ammonia, the ammonical layer turned pink. The test indicates presence of ________ phytoconstituent.

#5. Hoeppler viscometer is a type of _____.

#6. Which among the following statements describing surface activity for surfactants is incorrect?

#7. Type IV dissolution apparatus as per USP is _____ .

#8. Which of the following gums is obtained from endosperm?

#9. The first vaccine was discovered by _____ .

#10. In relation to buccal and sublingual route of administration which of the following statement is incorrect?



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