Preparation of Standard Solution

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In every analytical laboratory, it is highly essential to keep stocks of solutions of various reagents, among which some are of accurate concentration which we call standard solutions. It is given in mole dm-3. It is very important while making a standard solution that the mass of the substance used is measured accurately and this exact mass is transferred to the volumetric flask for making the standard solution.

These standard solutions are used for measuring the concentration of other substances, for example in titration. So the basic objective of this experiment is preparation of standard solutions.

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Chemicals:     Substance whose standard solution is to be made

                        Distilled water

Glasswares:    Volumetric flask


Instrument:    Analytical balance


Calculation of the number of moles required to make the solution with the desired concentration and volume.1

No of moles= concentration × volume

Calculation of the relative mass of the substance required.

Then calculating the mass of the substance required to make the solution by the formula

Relative mass × no. of moles

Set a balance to zero by taring, then take a watch glass and weigh the required amount of substance. Then transfer this substance to a beaker and add distilled water to it to completely dissolve it.1 After complete mixing transfer this solution to a volumetric flask and keep on adding water below the line on the flask. Cover the flask with a lid and label the solution.

Preparation of Standard Solution


Standard solutions are an important part of every experimenting laboratory.


  1. Freiser, Henry. Nancollas, George H, Blackwell Scientific Publications; 1987.

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