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Biochemistry or pharmacology


I am an undergrad majoring in Biochemistry (which I though I would do a MS then PHD). But then, people having a PHD (and working in academia) told me it is not good to stay in Biochem. So, I am thinking pharmacology (then pharma companies as future career). One of my professor who used to work in pharm gave me a really depressed talk about how R&D is shrinking during the decade and how people are out of jobs. Now I am really confused about what I should do. Should I stay in biochem or switch to something else? Since I am pursuing career in private firms, is it better for me to work 1 or 2 years before going into grad studies?

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you are an undergrad student and at this phase of your career it is obvious to have dilemma over choosing future course of life. believe me, at this phase, no single answer could satiate your inquisitiveness.. at first place, you need to reconcile a basic question; whether you really want to pursue your career in 'research' or not?? once you decide to do research then comes the question of choosing between biochem & pharmacology..take a word from me once you are into your PhD, everything will depend up on what you make out of your it biochem, be it pharmacology, cell biology or  physiology all the realms meet and flow together at the molecular level..the cutting edge research is so dynamic that eventually you will borrow and apply priniples of all individual subjects in your doctoral research..

if it is about making money, a biohemist and a pharmacolgist both have same scope and all depends what you make out of your research, how much you are able at expressing your thoughts into action (research)..

if you are comfortable with biochem then do your PhD in biochem.. join postdoctoral research and hit the journals with noble works... then, either join a pharma R & D or establish your own a teacher... remain a researcher through out your life..

best wishes

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