Calculation of Body Surface Area (Using a Nomogram)

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Calculation of body surface area (using a Nomogram). The body surface area is the measured or calculated surface area of the human body. It is better indicator of metabolic mass than body weight. It is less affected by abnormal adipose mass. And it is used for the following: renal clearance, Quetelet Index, cardiac index, chemotherapy, glucocorticoid dosing. There are numerous calculations to calculate body surface area.1

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The nomogram is used to calculate the correct paediatric medication dosage based on the patient’s size. The patient’s size is determined as body surface area in metre square. The normogram chart is used to determine the patient’s body surface area based on the height and weight. The surface area is determined when a straight line connecting the patient’s height and weight crosses the BSA column.2 The aim of the experiment is to calculate body surface area using Nomogram.


Subjects:         Human

Apparatus:     Nomogram


The straight edge is used to align of either ruler or of paper so it intersects with the height and weight. This will show the intersection on the BSA scale. The boxed scale is used only if the height and weight is normal of the child.2

Calculation of Body Surface Area (Using a Nomogram)


The paediatric dose can be calculated after determining the body surface area.2


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