Top Research Topics in Environmental Microbiology

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Environmental microbiology mainly involves the application of microorganism in the environmental field. It includes all innovative research on various microbial interactions and communities. In simple word we can say it is study of the microbial composition and its physiology. The microbial world is significantly diverse and vast number of microorganisms covers the planet. Until now we have discovered only 1% of the total microbial population. Thus, it increases the curiosity for doing research in this field.

For choosing the best topic for doing comprehensive research in environmental microbiology one can focus on analyzing and reporting important advances in the environment that can be concisely documented. It should mainly cover the understanding of various microbial processes and interactions in the environment.

A student (M.Sc. or PhD in Microbiology or Environmental microbiology) or any researcher can select ideas that will pay attention to the composition and physiology of the microbial communities present in the surroundings and their functions and uses for the benefit of living beings. Let’s put some light on some of the important topics on environmental microbiology that can be taken for conducting research.

  1. Metaproteomics Methods to Discover Ecosystem Function in Aquatic Environments.
  2. The environmental dimension of antibiotic resistance.
  3. Elucidating the pathobiology of Candida albicans.
  4. Immune Development in a Piglet Model of Environmental Enteric Dysfunction.
  5. Planetary protection and the search for life in the outer solar system.
  6. Non-thermal plasma technology for environmental protection.
  7. Bacterial sensory perception: investigating the stimuli that bacteria can sense and how this information is used to regulate bacterial behavior.
  8. Understanding Gram-negative envelope biogenesis using genome-wide approaches.
  9. Creating a systematic mycobacterial stress-response map.
  10. Impact of sand biofilter reactor process conditions on the stereochemistry, biological potency and treatment of micropollutants, pharmaceuticals and personal care products (MPPCP).
  11. Biomaterials for design – utilizing fungi to develop a thick mat-like mycelium for use as an alternative textile.
  12. A study into molecular mechanisms of interaction of bacteria with host cells and/or survival in the environment, with a potential for the development of novel antibacterial drugs.
  13. Photocatalytic and antimicrobial properties of magnetron-sputtered bismuth oxide and its potential for water treatment application.
  14. Mechanisms of Streptococcus biofilm and community development.
  15. Formulation of Surface Treatments for Contamination Prevention.
  16. Life in the fast lane: selection of bespoke high-growth rate yeast strains in different conditions of industrial relevance.
  17. Production of bespoke biopolymers with controllable composition and microstructure.
  18. Nitrogen cycling in arid soils.
  19. The role of desert soil crust in nutrient cycling.
  20. The interrelationships between desert plants, soil bacteria and climate and their effects on biogeochemical cycling and desertification.
  21. The microorganisms in desert plants’ rhizosphere and phyllosphere.
  22. The effect of rain events in the desert on microbial diversity, abundance and activity.
  23. Bacterial diversity and its role in maintaining functional arid ecosystems.
  24. The microbial inhabitants of desert rocks.
  25. Bio-methane production from animal waste in arid environments.
  26. Bio-remediation of soils and water bodies in arid environments.
  27. Nutrient recovery from bio-waste.
  28. Sources of greenhouse gases and biofiltration and mitigation of greenhouse gases.
  29. Treatment and reclamation of marginal water (greywater).
  30. Water and wastewater treatment.

Apart from all this there are some specific fields in which many things are still unexplored. Like,

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