Top 50 Research Topics in Biotechnology

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Research in biotechnology can helps in bringing massive changes in humankind and lead to a better life. In the last few years, there have been so many leaps, and paces of innovations as scientists worldwide worked to develop and produce novel mRNA vaccinations and brought some significant developments in biotechnology. During this period, they also faced many challenges. Disturbances in the supply chain and the pandemic significantly impacted biotech labs and researchers, forcing lab managers to become ingenious in buying lab supplies, planning experiments, and using technology for maintaining research schedules.

At the beginning of 2022, existing biotech research projects are discovering progress in medicines, vaccines, disease treatment and the human body, immunology, and some viruses such as coronavirus that had such a destructive impact that we could never have expected.

The biotech research technique is changing

How research is being done is changing, as also how scientists are conducting it. Affected by both B2C eCommerce and growing independence in remote and cloud-dependent working, most of the biotechnology labs are going through some digital transformations. This implies more software, automation, and AI in the biotech lab, along with some latest digital procurement plans and integrated systems for various lab operations.

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Look at some of the top trends in biotech research and recent Biotechnology Topics that are bringing massive changes in this vast world of science, resulting in some innovation in life sciences and biotechnology ideas.

  • Development of vaccine: Development of mRNA has been done since 1989 but has accelerated to combat the pandemic. As per many researchers, mRNA vaccines can change infectious disease control as it is a prophylactic means of disease prevention for various diseases such as flu, HIV, etc.
  • Respiratory viruses: More and more research is being done because understanding those viruses will assist in getting better protection, prohibition, and promising treatments for respiratory viruses.
  • Microvesicles and extracellular vesicles are now being focused on because of their involvement in the transportation of mRNA, miRNA, and proteins. But in what other ways can they give support to the human body? So many unknown roles of microvesicles and extracellular vesicles should be discovered.
  • RNA-based Therapeutics: Researchers focus on RNA-based therapeutics such as CAR T cells, other gene/cell therapeutics, small molecular drugs to treat more diseases and other prophylactic purposes.
  • Metabolism in cancers and other diseases: Metabolism helps convert energy and represent the chemical reactions that will sustain life. Nowadays, research is being done to study metabolism in cancers and immune cells to uncover novel ways to approach treatment and prohibition of a specific illness.

All of the ongoing research keeps the potential to bring changes in the quality of life of millions of people, prohibit and do treatment of illnesses that at present have a very high rate of mortality, and change healthcare across the world.

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