5 surprising benefits of microbiology career you need to know

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Microorganisms can be found in almost all natural elements on our planet. The lives of animals, humans and plants are all linked to the microbes that constantly recycle essential nutrients like carbon and nitrogen, carry out degradation of the organic matter and then shape up daily existence. Do you want to know more about microbiology and its vital role in our daily lives?

But before knowing about the benefits of microbiology, it is essential to understand what microbiology is.

Microbiology involves the study of microorganisms like bacteria, fungi, viruses, and parasites. Such organisms are so tiny that they are not visible to our eyes, but they significantly influence how we experience life. As per estimation, about 5 million or trillion microbial cells exist on earth.

Microorganisms affect the world in various ways, such as,

Keeps the planet healthy

Microbes protect and recycle carbon and nitrogen. They play an essential role in keeping the atmosphere highly oxygenated and degrade the dead organic matter, thereby converting the organic carbon to carbon dioxide.

In agriculture

When the matter is about creating soils that will support livestock and crops, microorganisms play an essential role as they assist in the optimization of the nitrate levels and maximize output.

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